Sure, the Christmas festivities are over; you’ve run out of excuses to wear funny yuletide sweaters, buy party dresses and consume copious amounts of champagne, but January needn’t be your dreaded month. All is not lost. Here are some expert tips to battle the January blues:

The Beach Bell Blog- 5 Expert tips to banish the January Blues

1. Have a lie in

January 3rd is the Festival of sleep day when we are all encouraged to lie in and get some much needed shut eye to recharge after the holiday excess

2. Find any excuse to celebrate

Surely you must know someone whose birthday it is?

3. Hug it out

January 21 marks national hugging day. This event isn’t a public holiday (yet), but that shouldn’t stop you from making someone’s day and getting a little happy dust yourself while enjoying a hug. Even a 20-second hug can seriously reduce your stress levels, so share the love.

4. Get physical

Exercise is one of the greatest natural remedies. You don’t have to sign up for a triathlon to release those feel-good endorphins, even walking, biking, taking a hike or going for a quick swim will get those stress-busting happy hormones going.

5. Find a reason to laugh each and every day

There are so many things worth smiling about.

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