As the name of this blog might suggest, I absolutely adore all things beach. Thus I couldn’t think of a better City than one with T follow link EN beaches for a brief blissful weekend away. Barcelona, Spain’s second largest City is home to 1.6 million residents, 68 parks, a world-class football team, several universities, and did I mention ten beaches?

The Beach Bell Blog- Barcelona Travel Guide

Barcelona is a hotbed of culture, creativity and sophistication; if you visit once, you’ll almost certainly want to return. A City that feels like a town, one of Barcelona’s great charms is just how friendly the people are. We made new friends on the beach, at the supermarket, and on the city’s bustling main street, go to link Las Ramblas (admittedly your new friends here will most probably try hawk some wares to you). Barcelona’s inhabitants coexist merrily with the numerous tourists, students and travellers that pound the City’s streets and beaches, ensuring that you never lack a partner to share a cerveza with. Whenever I am fortunate enough to touch down in this glorious Catalonian City, I often lose myself and give in to the temptation of the divine eateries, incredible bars and late night hotspots on offer. Here are 6 tips to make the most of your time in Barca:

The Beach Bell Blog-Barcelona Travel Guide

1. Party with the locals

Barcelona’s social calendar is jam-packed with countless local festivals ranging from the weeklong Festes de la Mercè in September celebrating Catalan culture, to much does deltasone cost San Joan in June when the beach plays host to a firework filled nightlong party to commemorate the Summer Solstice.

The Beach Bell Blog-Barcelona Travel Guide

2. Go with the flow

Chances are that if you don’t have concrete plans for any given evening, you will find yourself falling into something magical.

The Beach Bell Blog-Barcelona Travel Guide

3. Do take in the gastronomy

Being spoilt for choice is a gross understatement when it comes to munching in Barcelona. La Boqueria is a public market just off Las Ramblas where you can get impeccably fresh fruit, an affordable lunch snack and of course, all types of Jamon (ham). I had the second best steak of my entire life at  tres-chic Carpe Diem Lounge Club (my number one undoubtedly remains Peter Luger in Brooklyn). By no means can you leave the City without enjoying some traditional Spanish Tapas and Paella! The beachside bars or ‘Chiringuitos‘ also sometimes play host to beach parties- added benefit!

The Beach Bell Blog-Barcelona Travel Guide

4. Take a walk

The size of the City is perfect to discover on foot. Wherever you stroll, there is a stunning view waiting to be discovered.

The Beach Bell Blog-Barcelona Travel Guide

5. Don’t be scared to go low-cost

Las Ramblas (the primary tourist focal point) is rammed with low-cost hostels and hotels, which is the ultimate hunting ground for like-minded travellers and tourists searching for the fun spots. If Las Ramblas isn’t your scene, there are always more upscale establishments slightly off the beaten track such as The W Hotel which will certainly afford you the most decadent cascading view over the cityscape and the Mediterranean Sea. My last visit to Barcelona was for a dear friend’s Bachelorette weekend and we collectively rented a pad through MH Apartments in the Eixample area. Our lodgings were so photo-ready that we had to do some pretend MTV Cribs filming. One of the great things about travelling is that you start to build a network of people from all around the world so when you’re going somewhere new, you already have someone who you could crash with for a few nights or at least who could show you around for that insider view. Ask around amongst your network and find out who’s where and when.

The Beach Bell Blog-Barcelona Travel Guide

6. Hit the beach

It would be criminal to forgo Barcelona’s 4 miles of decadent coastline. Barceloneta is the City’s most famous beach and a prime spot to sit back, sip a cocktail and people watch. Should you wish to avoid the fanfare and energetic doughnut salesmen on Barceloneta’s sands, head over to Nova Icaria, Bogatell, Mar Bella (the only official nudist beach), Nova Mar Bella, Llevant, Somorrostro, Sant Miguel or Sant Sebastia.

The Beach Bell Blog-Barcelona Travel Guide

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