My favourite band Real Estate swooned in to London’s Roundhouse last night. I have been besotted with their sound since I first came across their self-titled album back in 2009. Their words have offered me solace on many an occasion, and it was a wish-fulfilled to finally make acquaintance with the band in real life.

Real Estate Live in Concert London Roundhouse June 2017

I am proud to report that the boys are even better live. They’re one of those bands. The music these guys make is just so touching. They make those guitars cry with emotion. This is the power music has. The power to break your heart. Then to break your fall. And to break your heart all over again. The second I heard the first chord, it all came rushing back again. The crowd gleefully exhaled with appreciation in unison. We all felt such camaraderie. You won’t find any of the five-piece prancing or dancing around on stage, but that’s not what we came for. Extended guitar solo after transfixing guitar solo, their set transported me to the sun. I will actually be on a Caribbean beach in a matter of days, but the second I put my ear to their chords, I felt like I was already there.

Real Estate Live in Concert London Roundhouse June 2017

New addition to the band, Julian Lynch was loitering around the bar after the show, humouring over-excited fans (myself included). He patiently listened as I explained that this was my fourth attempt to see them in concert. “I wanted to go to Coachella just to see you guys but no one would come with me”. “Wow, that’s far” he retorted. We joked about That 70s Show being the only reference he can use to explain where he comes from to people around the world (What’s up, Wisconsin?).

The team rounded things off with “All the Same”. Witnessing them play live was exactly “the same” as I’d imagined it to be: euphoric.

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