Aloha! My name is Rosie and I’m a writer and digital content creator. I grew up in four countries on two continents, and have been fortunate enough to cast my eyes on over 90 alluring destinations around the world. On this platform I expose my unashamed lust for travel, adoration of beaches, beautiful adventure stories and practical travel advice.



I partner with brands and companies to weave their stories to life with words. My writing and marketing experience spans over seven years including penning copy for large powerhouses like Visa and smaller boutique houses like Azul Paradise Resort.


I relish in composing tales, which invite the reader to get lost in the story, yet find a part of themselves in the message. My expertise extends to writing features, travel writing, blog posts and also press releases. The English language is my tool and all tasks that I put my name to are completed to a high level. My first book, 365 Ideas to Enjoy Your Life Today was published in 2017, soon to be followed by Escape to self in 2018.

365 Ideas to Enjoy Your Life Today by Rosie Bell ebook on Amazon Self-Development & Happiness- contact Rosie Bell


Writing promotional material including full website texts, posters, product descriptions, packaging copy, slogans and taglines for brands in various industries. I have worked in big name Advertising Agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi and JWT, as well as directly with clients on a freelance basis. I have also been known to lend my watchful eye to the written works of others, copy-editing and fact checking articles.

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Creating original content is a marvellous means to attract custom and interest to your business. I am adept at devising interviews, Guerilla Marketing campaigns, videos, reviews, blog posts, newsletter campaigns and researched listicles that are powerful, newsworthy and shareable.


I am proficient in handling multiple social media accounts simultaneously with ease. My sweet tweets, Pinteresting images and Instagram posts will instantly inject life into your Social Media while earning you a dedicated and engaged audience.

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Whether you’re a breathtaking archipelago in the Caribbean, or the UK’s first cold-pressed energy juice, let me help you find the words to sing your brand’s song.


I have a developed understanding of brands & the social media landscape gained through employment with a range of multinationals as well as an MA in Brands Communication & Culture. I have partnered with, as well as offered services to brands in fashion, media, retail, in addition to travel and wellness brand names.



To request my complete portfolio or general inquiries, pop an email over to and follow my postcards from paradise on Instagram @TheBeachBell. See you at the beach. Mahalo! x