2011 was the year I first visited Hawaii. It had been a lifelong dream of mine to go to Honolulu. I adored everything I thought it was. I even loved saying it. Ho-no-loo-loo, just rolls off the tongue somehow doesn’t it? It held a mysticism in my thoughts. I had to see it, and I’m so glad I finally did. The beauty of this archipelago engulfed my imagination further than I had imagined it could. In fact, I loved Hawaii so much that I made the 23 hour trip back there from London a mere six months later. Oh yes, I’ve become a pro at dealing with long-haul flights.

Though I have been exceptionally fortunate to have experienced over 90 destinations around the world, there is so much to be seen. Truthfully, my chances of accomplishing everything are tremendously slim. That however, is part of the fun. Travelling isn’t about getting somewhere, it’s about going there. The Hawaiians have a word which describes this perfectly: holoholo. Hawaiians say “lets go holoholo” when embarking on a long day at the beach or blissfully cruising around the islands. There is no set destination or aim besides leisure and pleasure. This is a mantra I very much identify with. I don’t count countries, I count experiences.

These are the places and things my heart is bursting to see, do and hear. So, if anyone has doubts about what to get me for my birthday (hint hint, it’s in July), search no more. So without further ado (and in no particular order) I present my bucket list, ever growing and ever outlandish.

The Beach Bell Travel Blog- my travel bucket list-Swimming inside a volcano in cerro chatto costa rica

  1. Swim inside a volcano
  2. Play with penguins in Patagonia
  3. See the Northern Lights
  4. Visit a cat cafe
  5. See the ballet at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow
  6. Walk the Great Wall of China
  7. See pink flamingos in Aruba
  8. Take a tram ride in Lisbon
  9. Ride the night train from Moscow to St. Petersburg
  10. Visit Red Square
  11. See the splendid rooms in the “winter palace” Hermitage museum
  12. Rio carnival!The Beach Bell Travel Blog- my travel bucket list - Partying at Rio Carnival- Carnaval in Brazil -Rosie Bell travel writer
  13. Say ‘Bula’ to an actual Fijian in Fiji
  14. Spend St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin
  15. Catch a star at Vadhoo Island’s Sea of Stars
  16. Island hop in The Maldives
  17. Ride a chicken bus in Central AmericaThe Beach Bell Travel Blog- my travel bucket list- Riding the chicken bus in Panama Central America
  18. Go on an African safari
  19. Marvel at the Egyptian Pyramids
  20. Lay on the white sand on Zlatni rat, Croatia
  21. Hop on a hot air balloon in Cappadocia
  22. Ride in a drop top on a U.S. highway with our arms in the airThe Beach Bell Travel Blog- my travel bucket list - Riding in the Drop Top in Orlando
  23. Go dipping at The Semuc Champey Lagoons in Guatemala
  24. Play with perspectives at Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
  25. Tango on a Buenos Aires Street
  26. Consume copious amounts of ceviche in Peru
  27. Find oasis at Huacachina
  28. See in the New Year on Copacabana beach
  29. Island hop between the San Blas islands in Panama
  30. Drink a beer stein in Munich
  31. Experience New York at Christmas time
  32. Pool party in MiamiThe Beach Bell blog- 10 Reasons Why I Love Spring- Spring Break at the Surfcomber hotel in Miami
  33. Visit a Tokyo fish market
  34. Swim at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore infinity pool
  35. Throw water balloons at Songkran festival in Thailand
  36. Relax at Potato Head Beach Club in Bali
  37. Go dune bashing in the Middle Eastern Desert 
  38. Hang at Ernest Hemingway’s spot, Le Bodeguita del Medio in Havana
  39. Ride an ATV
  40. Sail around Poole Harbour
  41. Wander around the coves in the Algarve
  42. Spot a pretty blue-eyed toucan in Costa RicaThe Beach Bell Travel Blog- my travel bucket list-Spotting a toucan in puerto viejo costa rica
  43. See Japan’s Wisteria flower tunnel
  44. Meet Okinawa’s ever-playful grannies
  45. Ride The Wave in Arizona
  46. Have a Sunday Funday in San Juan Del Sur
  47. Check out Filthy Friday in Bocas del Toro
  48. Go whitewater rafting
  49. Climb the Haiku ‘Stairway to Heaven’ stairs in Hawaii
  50. Try some scorching red peppers in Mexico
  51. Hug an elephant
  52. Visit the Costa Rican cloud forests
  53. Enjoy a hearty Bendeja Paisa in Antioquia, Colombia
  54. Attend a drum circle party at Maui nudist haven, Little BeachThe Beach Bell Travel Blog- my travel bucket list- Maui Little Beach Nudist drum circle party
  55. Go to Coachella finally
  56. Hide at Hidden Beach in the Marietas Islands near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  57. Swing the hours away in Bacalar
  58. Pose in front of the Burj Al Arab
  59. Stroll down Fifth Avenue during one of it’s famed parades
  60. Take a sunset cruise from Waikiki Beach
  61. See the lighting of the Christmas tree in London’s Trafalgar Square
  62. Enjoy the Eiffel Tower twinkling at night
  63. Have the world’s best juicy steak at Peter Luger in WilliamsburgThe Beach Bell Travel Blog- my travel bucket list- The worlds best steak at Peter Luger in Williamsburg Brooklyn New York
  64. Make a wish at Rome’s Trevi fountain
  65. Visit the Grand Canyon
  66. Gamble in Vegas
  67. Hang out at Trolltunga by Lake Ringedalsvatnet, Norway
  68. See what life is like on all seven continents
  69. Ride in a horse and carriage
  70. Take a trip solo
  71. Receive a fresh lei
  72. Take a cooking course in Italy
  73. Ride a gondola in Venice
  74. Take it easy with the surfers on the beach in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
  75. Witness a rainbow sunset over the Pacific OceanThe Beach Bell Travel Blog- my travel bucket list- Rainbow sunset over the pacific ocean- Best Travel Blogs
  76. Experience a Swedish midsummer
  77. Watch the running of the bulls (from a safe distance) in Pamplona
  78. Horseback ride on the beach
  79. Take a funny photo at the leaning tower of Pisa
  80. Attend a Latin American music festival
  81. Finally catch a live performance from Cultura ProféticaThe Beach Bell Travel Blog- my travel bucket list -Cultura Profetica live in concert Panama City January 2018 Atlas Golden fest
  82. Catch a glimpse of a pink dolphin
  83. See a kangaroo
  84. Splash about at the Atlantis The Palm Aquaventure park
  85. Spend a day at the inside out Georges Pompidou museum in Paris
  86. Visit Mona Lisa at the Louvre
  87. Get wet at Niagara Falls
  88. Hitchhike somewhere
  89. Visit Carrie Bradshaw’s ‘apartment’ in New York CityThe Beach Bell Travel Blog- my travel bucket list-Visiting Carrie Bradshaw's apartment in New York City
  90. Go to Buñol for La Tomatina
  91. Try cockroaches as a delicacy in South East Asia
  92. Float along Halong Bay
  93. See a show on Broadway
  94. Retreat to a yoga retreat in Costa Rica
  95. Zipline over a cloud forest
  96. Paraglide with a friend
  97. Walk up Rio’s famous yellow stairs, Escadaria SelarónThe Beach Bell Travel Blog- my travel bucket list - Rosie Bell travel writer- Escadaria Selaron famous yellow stairs in Rio de Janeiro- Pharell beautiful yellow stairs
  98. Pose in front of the Hollywood sign
  99. Meet the wild and wacky on Venice beach
  100. Look out over Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower
  101. Get food from sold straight from a wall in Holland
  102. Party during Sant Joan Festival, Barcelona
  103. See the superstar DJs at the decks in Ibiza
  104. See Mannekin Pis doing his thing in BrusselsThe Beach Bell Travel Blog- my travel bucket list- Manneken Pis in Brussels
  105. Marvel at the Pamukkale Hot Springs in Turkey
  106. Eat kimchi in South Korea
  107. Go to a K-Pop concert
  108. Go fishing and actually catch something
  109. Visit the Guinness factory in Dublin
  110. Stand up paddle board
  111. Watch a film in an open-air theatre
  112. Attend a movie premiere
  113. Take in the beauty of the Côte d’AzurThe Beach Bell blog- 10 Reasons Why I Love Spring- Looking outside in Nice France
  114. Learn the Hula
  115. Make a purchase at Vietnam’s floating market
  116. Meet a camel
  117. Enjoy raclette in Switzerland
  118. Walk along Brooklyn Bridge
  119. Eat a sushi burrito
  120. See the moon rise
  121. Learn how to belly dance
  122. Stroll along Bahamas’ pink sand beach
  123. Walk the Bohol North sandbar
  124. Pinch myself at Jericoacoara National Park, BrazilThe Beach Bell Travel Blog- my travel bucket list - Rosie Bell travel writer-
  125. Bathe in the blue lagoon in Iceland
  126. Greet the little mermaid in Copenhagen
  127. Enjoy a delicious Smørrebrød in Denmark
  128. Wear a dirndl at Oktoberfest in Munich
  129. Try Bacalhau à Brás in Portugal
  130. Enjoy the June Santo Antonio festivities in Lisbon
  131. Get sprayed at Niagara falls
  132. Picnic at Parc Champ de Mars by the Eiffel Tower
  133. Find Roy Liechtenstein’s Girl with ball at MoMA
  134. Have what Sally had at Katz deli in Manhattan
  135. Pillow fight in Washington Square ParkThe Beach Bell Travel Blog- my travel bucket list- Pillow fighting in Washington Square Park New York
  136. Feel the heat at Fosso Bianco hot springs in Siena, Italy
  137. Write a book on travel and happiness
  138. Live in Panama City, Panama
  139. Visit one of Pablo Escobar’s 500 properties in Colombia
  140. Watch a live football match in a South American stadium
  141. Spend a day on an uninhabited/ deserted island
  142. Jump off a diving board
  143. Lodge in a resort with over-water bungalowsThe Beach Bell Travel Blog- my travel bucket list- Over-water bungalows at Azul Paradise Bocas del Toro Panama
  144. Give a presentation to inspire people to travel
  145. Write a travel article for a large international publication
  146. Take my Ipanemas to Ipanema Beach
  147. Enjoy the colourful streets of Curacao

So, what’s on your bucket list?

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