click here You need to get away. You’ve been to New York, London and Paris and have the air miles to prove it. So where to next? When I’m searching for my next beautiful backdrop, I head to Pinterest to wet my appetite for travel, pleasure, fitness, food and everything in between. Here are 10 reasons why I adore Pinterest:

1. It’s a treat for your senses

Feasting your eyes on the places you want to go and the waters you want to dip your feet into has never been easier.

zyloprim 150 mg used The Beach Bell Blog on Pinterest- Wanderlust Pinterest Board

The Beach Bell on Pinterest: ‘Wanderlust

2. Pinterest gives you new ideas for absolutely anything

Redecorating? Don’t know what to wear to a jungle-themed wedding? Fruit smoothie recipes? Need a present for your best pal? My sister worshipped the Spa day I booked for her birthday from after finding their Pinterest page. They offer incredible experiences from driving super cars to flyboarding. Next up, we’re absolutely getting a Champagne hot air balloon flight.

he Beach Bell Blog on Pinterest- hot air balloning with

Hot air ballooning with

3. It’s casual

There’s no pressure to get hits, likes, views, or friends. There is no real time urgency to stay on top of conversations. Nobody’s feelings get hurt if you don’t follow them. There’s no drama. It’s just you and the boards you love, from surfboards to cardboard crafts. You can create as many boards as you like and keep them secret if you wish. Nobody has to know that you’re a die-hard member of the whiskey-knitting club if you don’t want them to.

The Beach Bell on Pinterest: ‘Love to Roam

4. Party planning has never been easier

The Beach Bell Blog on Pinterest- Party planning was never easier

5. It’s harmless recreation

Visual scrapbooking never hurt anyone right? The possibilities for self-expression are endless. This is the ideal platform to chronicle and share your passions, desires, aspirations and hobbies.

The Beach Bell on Pinterest: ‘Poolside’

6. Pinterest is a great place to get happy

Pinterest is full of perfectly pretty pictures that celebrate all the things you love. There’s also a plethora of uplifting quotes and photos, if that sort of thing floats your boat.

The Beach Bell Blog on Pinterest-

7. You’ll find your new favourite brand

I stumbled across some gorgeous sites in Mexico from the Riu Hotel group when I was planning a trip to Cancun. The beachfront Hotel Riu Palace Cancun ended up being the best thing about my entire stay in the Yucatán City.

The Beach Bell Blog on Pinterest- Making great travel discoveries. RIU Palace Hotel Cancun Mexico

The Beautiful Hotel RIU Palace Cancun

8. It’s a search engine

You can literally window shop for anything; from a more optimistic mind-set, to a holiday, high tech photography gear or a new lifestyle.

The Beach Bell Blog on Pinterest- Postcard from Indonesia Board

The Beach Bell on Pinterest: ‘Postcard from Indonesia

9. You pick and choose what YOU want to see according to your interests

If you are only interested in boards relating to “beaches in Asia”, that’s all you’ll ever see.

The-beach-bell-travel-blog-contact-work-with-me-services-offered- social-media-marketing-smm

10. A picture paints a thousand words

The Beach Bell Blog on Pinterest- Wanderlust Board

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